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A radical father by the name of posted signs throughout a local college stating that he would pay ,000 if someone would kill his 19-year-old daughter's 33-year-old boyfriend. Honestly what do you do when your daughter is dating the wrong guy?

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Funny, how the writers of this show would never have the benefactors ask Mike Anthony to stay for a cup of coffee or danish. I vividly remember where one such "lucky" person was on death row waiting to be executed for murdering someone. After Mike got the money, you would hear the most rousing musical score which I can still hum to this very day.

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Interviews with local officials, segregationists, lawyers, clergy and citizens on both sides of the color line expose what amounted to a tacit conspiracy to deprive certain people of their constitutional right to stand up and be counted. Faced with attitudes ranging from passive tolerance to violent rejection, each had achieved enrollment, but not acceptance.

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To see that someone viewed your profile more than average could be a little freaky. One of the biggest complaints about this site is many members are not in uniform. The problem with taking the time to look at all these profiles is that you can’t tell who are members and who aren’t.