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When I saw these actresses onscreen in the company of my awe-struck children, I felt an exhilarating sense of community pride.

I am a black woman who stopped chemically altering my hair after an inner battle that began in childhood.

Like countless other black girls, I once donned a yellow bath towel as a makeshift wig as a child, luxuriously flipping it as if it were real blond hair.

I decided to go natural in 1991, during my junior year in college.

Now, it seems to me, a cultural tide is meeting the more individualized, self-care focus of the natural-hair movement.

Chris Rock released the HBO documentary “Good Hair” (2009) and expressed the wish that his daughter would treasure what is inside her head instead of what grows on it.It projects a resilience that captures the mood of our present moment.Despite and perhaps because of a surge in white supremacist language in the United States, a wave of black cultural resistance is flooding the arts as well as the streets.The hair director for the film, Camille Friend, said in an interview with The Cut that she insisted on natural hair for the actors and drew on Zulu, Masai, Hima and Afropunk looks. The fiber artist Sonya Clark has produced the elegantly stylized Hair Craft Project, which features black hairdressers as craftswomen whose intricate art form is the braid.Regis and Kahran Bethencourt of the Creative Soul studio in Atlanta have created an “Afro Art” series featuring African-American children with sculpted natural hair and elaborate costumes.

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