Backdating form

Housing benefit and council tax discount are normally only paid from the Monday following the date we receive your application form.

Benefit cannot normally be backdated and so it is important that you return your claim form to us straightaway.

RIGHTS OF APPEALIf you disagree with our decision about your benefit.

If you want to know more about any decision made on your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction you should get in touch with us within one calendar month of the date on the decision notice.

In all other cases we can backdate your claim for a maximum of 1 month.

The reason must apply for the whole period you want benefit to be backdated for.We look at each backdating request individually, and decide whether you have shown good cause for delaying your claim.Please give as much detail as you can, and also provide any evidence you have to support your request.We cannot backdate your claim for more than 3 months, even if you would have qualified for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support if you had applied for it.If you are under pension credit age, you need to make a written request for backdating.

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