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A new Zone AF mode has been added, and there are now five AF area sizes to choose from.

But when i'm looking for new camera i always look at pros and cons, for me the Panasonic G7 has more pros than NX500.Really notorous it seems that this only affect skin pattern, but other pattern (ie fabric) still remains tact sharp. For instance, there are absolutely no audio interfaces. But apparently, they are no fully interchangeable using the fabulous "dennistennis app." So cool!Affect both 1080p HQPro/HQ, the issue is not present in 4k but the frame is heavily cropped. "You are complaining because you want an NX1 at the price of the NX500??? You must also think that the NX1 and the NX500 are one and the same, eh? I have successfully updated my NX500 to the new firmware (1.10) via Wi Fi.On the video front Samsung has added a new 'Pro' mode that increases the bit rate for 4K video up to 70Mbps and lengthens maximum recording time to 25 minutes.The NX500 will now read out a larger area of the sensor, which the company says will improve 1080/60p video quality.

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