Black men wanted dating

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Black men do not travel as much as whites or Asians so you will be more exotic to other women from other countries. I have done years of research, talking to other black men and local men from each countries above and these countries love black men. I found a lot of Africans in Thailand lying about where they were from (America usually) to try and sleep with girls.

A country like Thailand are used to seeing white men, but when a black guy like me visits, it is a different ball game. Many of these women have only seen black men on television and not in real life so you are like this new species coming on their land. The other major distinction which needs to be made is between countries where women treat black men in a civil manner, but would never date them and between those countries where the women would actually get romantically involved with black men. I found a lot of Africans in Thailand lying about where they were from (America usually) to try and sleep with girls. Well the Africans in Bangkok have a terrible reputation for good reason.

I don't know this for a fact, and it's always possible that some black guy who is very unique, intelligent, and charismatic might be an exception, but Hungarians generally don't like black people or even if they have nothing against them, they probably wouldn't date them. The most angry and racist Hungarians are in the Northeastern part of Hungary. I'm just encouraging them to realistically assess countries and to be aware of their surroundings, like any good traveler, for their own safety.

There are also gypsies in Hungary and I'm not sure how they would feel about black guys. Even the ones who look clean often don't seem to wear deodorant, so they have quite a bit of BO. From the years of research, talking to the local men from these countries, and black men that have been successful abroad, these are the countries black men are adored.

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There are more countries to name, but these are the best ones.I don't think black guys would be very successful in Hungary.Budapest is fairly cosmopolitan, so maybe a black man might be able to succeed there, but I don't think a black guy would do well outside the capital.Sounds like Earth has become a black man's planet, lol. Dick size (although bigger dicks may initially scare some Asian girls) Now some may argue that the average black has some natural advantages - ages more gracefully appearance wise, has lower body fat percentage, long limbed, just as tall as Caucasians from developed countries, well built, etc. I found a lot of Africans in Thailand lying about where they were from (America usually) to try and sleep with girls. Also, women in some countries might be willing to have short-term sexual relationships with black men when they're out partying, but would never admit it to their family and would never get into a long-term romantic relationship with a black man. And they seem to have worked out some sort of deal with authorities which gives them some leeway in conducting their...'businesses'.Seriously, I firmly believe the following factors trump race in most place and most cases: 1. In Phils, 5'9" is getting tall for a man, in NE Asia, its more like 6'. And dare I say, blacks are reputed to have bigger dicks. There are distinctions to be made between all these different degrees of interest in black men. The ones I saw in Beijing were involved in similar activities.

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