Bonnie hunt dating tom welling

Tom played the male leading role named Nick Castle.

One year later, he became a full executive producer.While being involved in these two projects, he also auditioned for, and won the role of, a young Clark Kent/Superman on a new TV show called “Smallville”.Originally, Tom actually turned down the role twice before accepting it. When Smallville aired in September 2001, it became the most watched pilot on the WB with 8.4 millions live viewers.Rob Meltzer interacted most with main leading role, Amy Gray, who was played by Amy Brenneman.It follows cameo appearances in UPN’s “Special Unit 2” as male victim in episode 1.06 ‘The Depths’ and in FOX’s “Undeclared” where he played a character named Tom who appeared in series pilot 1.01 ‘Prototype’.

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