Carl pavano dating

So here are some of the MLBs most notorious daters: Alex Rodriguez is on the top of this list because of his prominent and extended dating career.

Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to the dating world, in fact he is almost the opposite.

Joe Di Maggio is without doubt the most consistent hitter to ever play the game, he had a 56-game hitting streak, which is still an unbroken Major League Record.

With a baseball resume like this it's almost impossible to keep the ladies away, hence Joe Di Maggio's long list of girlfriends. He was previously married to actress, Dorothy Arnold.

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Joe Di Maggio dated many famous actresses, models, and singers throughout his life, but the most important women in Joe's life was the up and coming actress Marilyn Monroe.After his MLB career Finley purchased the Oakland A's.Finley is known more for getting beaten bloody by his wife with a stiletto heel then his baseball career.We all know Jeter is a winner, but who knew he was winning on and off the field.It is well known that Jeter has got a good game, especially when it comes to dating women.

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