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Windows 10 is naturally more secure due to its built-in antivirus and fleet management features, too.You'd be foolish to think that Windows 10 was a perfect operating system.Potentially in terms of the security threat, but definitely when you take into consideration lack of support for third-party software and peripherals.Read next: G Suite vs Office 365 - What's the best office suite for business?

So while Microsoft has attempted to make the rolling out Windows 10 as pain-free as possible, integrating numerous machines with the operating system will be a massive job, not to mention a costly one.Read next: The actual price to move machines from XP to Windows 10 is a lot when multiplied by X amount of PCs.You should also consider the cost of training staff, especially if you're moving from Windows 8.For one thing, your colleagues will be surprised at how much quicker their computers will be once you install a fresh version of Windows.The system requirements of Windows really haven't changed since Windows Vista, and starting from a clean hard disk means there's no build-up of programs that start with Windows, slowing it down and using up precious memory. The other key benefits are security and compatibility.

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