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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.1 suggestion: DONT STAY IN JACO its on the west coast, its a grungy surf town, lots of crimehad my hotel broken into and lots everything except my clothes. all goneon my 2nd last night in CRmanuel antonio Park just south of Jaco was a great place, awesome beach animals all over the place, great water/sandamazingnever made it to the Nicoya pen.but its supposed to be greattough getning around in CR, well, easy to get around by bus, but the roads suck, so the travels take longer than they should if you were in a car Arenal is a definite must if your've never seen live volcanos b4 ig nore that link if your looking for CR pics, like i said, camera STOLEN along with it all my picslolgood luck I went to San Jose 2X in 2005. The first trip we stayed on the outskirts of the city at the MARRIOT, the taxi $$ were ridiculous.Socal val,,, The Monastery resturant is very cool indeed. The owners names are Edit & Csaba and you can find them on facebook at Its actually in Escazu, the hi class suburb of San Jose about 10 miles or so from downtown. There are a lot of nice resturants and clubs ect near there. id=809902625 or you will see them listed in quite a few places if you google Jaco Hostels.Peurto Viejo on the east coast is a nice place to chill/Hi this is Liz (thegeegs) and I live in Costa Rica and love it If you want to contact me and ask questions, I will be happy to help! However there are 17 "microclimates' here, so it can be really hot on the beach and chilly up in the hills... It's very inexpensive there, which is always a plus, but you will never find a place to eat that isn't dodgy (but if it's TOO dodgy, stay away). You can do some great things like Canopy tours (awesome) wildlife sightseeing, and of course enjoy some nice local beer.

A nice small one story hotel right on the ocean is the Cocal Hotel and Casino. Its a bit rough around the edges and yes, there are hookers and drug dealers but just say no,,,, or possible yes ha ha ....

During the four days I was there I did have one guy try to sell me drugs outside the club but the travel guides my girlfriends and I went out with shoo'd him away.

I wasn't in San Jose long enough to get a good read. Its really just a small town on the ocean with one main drag and all streets branch from the main street.

as for sun, its sunny most mornings into the afternoon for 7 months of the year and from early december until may its sunny all the time but it can be cool in the mornings. Costa Rica is good for white water rafting; jungle excursions; or hanging out at the beach.

There are also plenty of coffee farms (Cafe Britt) to tour. If anyone is gonna be in san jose area during august 11/07 till august 25/07 maybe we can hook up for a drink or what ever.

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