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Also what are the dangerous areas that I should stay out of as I'd hate to sign a 12 month lease in a rough area.

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Also what are the dangerous areas that I should stay out of as I'd hate to sign a 12 month lease in a rough area. I'm not black but I am a woman and I think you'd be fine.It sounded to me like you feel that you need to defend your personality as if the "typical" perception of a 32 year old black woman was rude with an attitude, which I don't think it is.I think if you're as great as you sound, you will fit in anywhere.This does NOT happen in Chicago and certainly not in DC.I think this is a great place for a white or black person to live, esp. Finally, I also think there's a fairly strong Christian community with all denominations well represented, if that's of interest to you. The cities of Denver and Aurora (the largest suburb, to the east) are both fairly diverse.

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