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Public health draws on a science base that is multi-disciplinary.

It relies on knowledge from a broad range of disciplines including medicine, epidemiology, sociology, psychology, criminology, education, and economics.

There are likely some interesting insights to take away from the passwords alone, but it's the email addresses that can help us actually date the thing.

When we look at the top 3 email address in the My Space breach by domain, we see an interesting distribution: What's up with Gmail?!

It is important to understand what factors protect people or put them at risk for experiencing or perpetrating violence. They help identify where prevention efforts need to be focused. The presence of a risk factor does not mean that a person will always experience violence.

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Data can demonstrate how frequently violence occurs, where it is occurs, trends, and who the victims and perpetrators are.Collective action on the part of these stakeholders can help in addressing problems like violence.The public health approach is a four-step process that is rooted in the scientific method.Once programs are implemented, they are evaluated rigorously to determine their effectiveness.Once prevention programs have been proven effective, they must be implemented and adopted more broadly. In: Krug E, Dahlberg LL, Mercy JA, Zwi AB, Lozano R, eds. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; 2002:1-56.

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