Dating tips dating muslim men

I love him and i want nothing more than for things to work out. Do you have to get married just to be in the same country? I know plenty of women who have been in a relationship with a muslim man.Probably you have to think about this as it might create issues between you too further down the line. Most of them revert to islam to please their partner and or to be acceptence by family.He may not be a practicing muslim but maybe he will one day.Like u said he loves his faith so would want to get the best out of it.

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I worry sometimes because of our religious differences. Im not a religious person at all and he says he isnt either but he is way more than me. Hes told me hes been intimate before and he had also had a drink or two, lol.However, muslim men are allowed to get married to 'people from the book', meaning Christian / Catholic/ Jewish females. I have married into a different culture and religion and it has been very, very (!!! Here is my problem, i planned on exploring marriage and maybe another child much much later in my life and he says hes never wanted either.You say that: 'he has planned and changed many things in his life to accommodate me and our relationship'. You also say: ' anything I have asked for he has given'. He did tell me he wasn't a kid kind of guy from the beginning.In islam a muslim should only marry another muslim or marry a non muslim with the intention of supporting the person to revert. I am not saying that he is a bad person, but you need to be cautious. In my opinion you can't call something a relationship until you have at least spend some time with the person. I also suspect that he has been dishonest about not being close to his family. Parents are very important in Islam (in particular the mother). Since you have been reading the Quran you will know that there is a lot of emphasis being placed on respecting your parents.All i am trying to say is if you are not willing to become a muslim one day then things could get ugly in future with him. Even IF he is not that close to his parents, it will still be very unlikely that he will go against their wishes. Marie E I would advice you to be cautions don't truest this man completely.

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