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Combine these two elements into one, and you have an incredibly versatile unit in your arsenal. was heavily involved with the war in El Salvador; our government sent in Special Forces ODAs to help organize and train their conventional military.

This alone is a major difference between both units. In that same time frame, we also deployed teams from Delta to organize and train the El Salvadorian Counter-Terrorist units.

I personally think ST6 is a little more one-sided then Delta because the incredibly majority of its members all grew up on the Teams doing the same missions and undertaking the same training.

who made sure to correct the media that it was actually the SEALs of JSOC, aka DEVGRU or simply SEAL Team 6.The Rangers and SF soldiers who attend are already some battle hardened seasoned shooters who have attended numerous grueling selection and training courses previously. Even just finishing the course is not enough as there is a commander’s review board/interview at the end that determines if this person should be accepted into the unit.If the candidate is accepted, he attends the 6-month Operator Training Course (OTC) which still manages to wash people out who can’t keep up with stressful training curriculum – I understand 60-70% pass.It’s in this process that the graduates get “drafted” into their respective squadrons.NOTE: I mention that “almost” all members of ST6 are SEALs and not “all” because ST6 is rumored to be open to members of the Marines as well as long as they attend BUD/s (they don’t need to attend SQT).

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