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@ Fixed ALQ-131 z fighting from pilot LOD @ Fixed GAU-8 devbranch errors @ Fixed mod logos ^ Improved Glock 17 diffuse textures ^ Added show As Cargo params to UH-1 & 60 ^ Increased M1117 wheels protection ^ Some more tweaks to A10A TVM script ^ Tweaked UH-1Y & UH-60M hitpoints ^ Added manual control to laser guided Hellfires as interim solution to locking issues ^ Tweaked sensors range further ^ Tweaked CH-53 sensors and display range ^ Gave AGM-56B 3500m range back ^ Tweaked UH-1Y firegeometry & hitpoints ^ Adjusted M1 coax FCS calculations ^ Removed manual guidance from Longbow Hellfire ^ Added manual guidance to DAGR ^ Cleaned out redundant animation options from M1085 CBPS and M1078A1R M1084A1R SOVs in Virtual Garage ^ Adjusted A10A hitpoints ^ Reduced flickering of gauges in driver's view of SOV FMTVs ^ Adjusted M249 weapon masses, based on their visual configuration (fitted rails, bipod etc.) ^ Cleaned out several redundant UV sets in M249 VFG models ^ Adjusted A10A hitpoints @ Fixed LT660 holo collimator effect @ Typo in classname @ Fixes textures for SOV FMTV and adds new areas for upcoming SOV model @ Fixed A10A TVM not shutting down after firing all Mavericks @ Fixed engine startup script @ Fixed Littlebird gravity boxes collision @ Fixed M113 missing right click zoom for driver @ Fixed M622 6rnd smoke grenade mass @ Fixed A10A RWR not showing detected threats properly @ Removed manual control from some AGM65 missile variants @ Fixed SU-230/PVS (CX5395) not being visible in Arsenal @ Fixed FMTV SOV get in memory points @ Fixed M113 driver KIA anims @ Fixed rogue IFF proxy in of the m113a3 w/ m240 LODs @ Fixed typo in UH60 door eden attribute @ SOV texture fixes @ Fixed SOV textures @ UH-60M adjusted curve of lateral cyclic controls.

@ Parts of the loader's hatch were not following the turret rotation on M1A1SA models @ Corrected M919 30mm APFSDS penetration @ Added RHS tag to skeleton of M252 mortar to prevent conflicts with other addons @ CH-53 parsenumber error @ AI M1 tanks had wrong simulation refresh rate @ Texture error for HMMWV BFT @ M1 Abrams mass value @ M1A1HC had belly armour by mistake @ UCP Joint Fires Observer was missing a helmet @ Magazines of disposable launchers were marked as premium content @ UAV helper is now created on local machine only @ Cleared duplicated strings from @ M150 RCO w/ AN/PVS-27 would be replaced by a normal ACOG when mounted on a weapon (was inheriting 2D/3D/Pi P preference script from parent ACOGs) @ Error from unrecognised has Bipod anim source in SOPMOD rifles @ Error when defusing M19 mine @ Fixed M19 AT mine deactivated model, shadow lod and description in @ M72 LAW changing eye point after fire @ RPT error regarding rhs_dummy_mag @ Static weapon zeroing info was in the wrong position in UI @ Mark V SOC driver proxy was missing from Fire Geometry LOD @ Shell ejection memory points on static M2 & HMMMWV w/ M2 @ Typo in the ^ New sounds for weapons (M240, M249, M203, M16, M4, etc.) ^ Improved M1A2 HMG handling ^ Improved ACOG fibre cable, glass material & added 3d variant ^ Specter 3D reticles scaled up to better match ballistics and ranging ^ Added hidden selections for Mk18 & M4 BII ^ Added Mk18 & M4A1 SOPMOD Block II in our VA boxes ^ Tweaked Mark V res lods - reoargaized seats to allow easiers managment of proxy res lods ^ Moved guns to separate compartments to unclutter action menu for Mark V ^ Increased specular power of XPS3 glass ^ Increased cargo capacity of Mark V ^ Tweaked recoil to be more consistent across AFRF and USF ^ Full revamp of NT4 suppressor (model and textures) ^ Rewritten gripod system to use EHs instead of loop - increased performance & reliability ^ Add fron ironsight shadow on m107 ^ Tweaked premiere scope shadow & added shadow res lod ^ Tweaked Eotech 552 shadows ^ Tweaked infantry footwear shadows ^ Tweaked surefire shadow on ACH helmets ^ Automated monitor deploy for MELB copilot when going into optic view ^ Tweaks to boat loading (still WIP) ^ It's possible to hide cargo benches on CH-53E now ^ Optimization to paradrop & move inside scripts ^ Tweaked C130J MFD ^ Add Eden attribute to attach boats to Mk V & boat loading finalization ^ 40mm grenade mesh in UGL barrels was modified so that the break between the "gl_bullet" and "gl_cartridge" selections is [email protected] UH-60 Changed controls mixing and roll damper SAS [email protected] Removed M113 hatch movement from unarmed variant (didn't find way to somehow give control over rotation) - close T2297 @ M1078A1R SOV speedometer movement was backwards @ UH-60 Tweaked longitudinal cyclic ranges. @ Fixed parts of M153 CROWS glass not rotating with the rest of the turret ^ FMTV fording depth ^ Another tweak to engine startup script to improve it's behaviour in MP ^ Improved auto-trimmer functionality for UH-60M AFM ^ Increased M19 mine hit value ^ US Army RG-33 groups now use the 64 ^ Tweaked M430 & M433 damage values ^ Extended AGM-114 locking ranges to some degree.United States armed forces brought to Arma 3 in full glory!Dozens of vehicles of every variety, units and weapons, all modeled and textured to the finest details and packed with features.

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