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GIPHY Search enables your users to instantly find the exact GIF they're looking for and discover new favorites. GIPHY's Trending Endpoint provides a collection of up-to-the-minute memes, tropes, and touchstones of pop culture, editorialized by real humans. The data returned mirrors the GIFs showcased on the GIPHY homepage. The GIPHY Sticker API is an API that provides only animated stickers (aka animated GIFs with transparent backgrounds) in the responses.

Stickers are great for messaging apps, games, and other times where a background or a square frame just won't do.

Once you're ready to use the GIPHY API in production, please visit your dashboard to request a production API key for your application.

In your submission, please be prepared to provide the following: If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] Please see our terms of service for any restrictions on using the service. The Random Endpoint returns a random GIF, limited by tag.

Also available are are Sticker Packs: collections of Stickers for use in your app, including the Trending and Reactions Sticker Packs, hand-curated by the GIPHY Editorial team!

The endpoints relating to Sticker Packs are: Like the primary GIPHY API, the Sticker API is open to the public.

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Learn more about the rest in the documentation below. Connections can be made with any HTTP or HTTPS enabled programming language.

You can view a guide to the rendition offering here.

To use the GIPHY API, you'll need to obtain an API Key by creating an app.

GIPHY also offers several open-source platform-specific SDKs that make integrating the GIPHY API even easier.

Available for i OS, Android and various other programming languages, the code can be found in the following Github repositories under the Mozilla Public License, v. Where applicable, binaries are published to public repositories.

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