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While slightly slower than an F1 car, it’s an incredible achievement given that R&D teams have had just over 2 years to get here. When I came back into the garage, it was with adrenaline pumping! That was till Dilbagh (who had been watching me from the tower) told me that I had to cut 20 seconds from my timing in the next set of laps!I was given a full debrief and sent back for another set of laps soon after.

Like most auto enthusiasts I am also a fan of motorsport.Like any electric car, the transmission instantly sends power to the wheels. While I did go throttle to the floor on the straight stretches, I braked way too early (something my friend and co-juror at the CNB awards Rayomand Banaji, always chides me for).I was hesitant to use the throttle knowing that it did 0 to 100 kmph in 3 seconds! The second lap was better and the next even better.Mahindra Racing uses the picturesque Circuit Calafat track by the Mediterranean in Catalonia, for its testing.It is about 2 hours from Barcelona, and one of many tracks in the region.

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