Hpv and dating questions

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Even the loyalist and most devoted boyfriend or husband can't be trusted ... There's going to be times when he isn't being completely honest with you about his past, (as it can take HPV several months to several years to present itself), or even now, with you, you never know who he might have on the side.

I'm not saying it's a sure thing; I've known many couples who've sworn up and down they've remained faithful all their married lives, but common sense and life experience has taught me never to trust 100%.

Are you obligated to tell your boyfriend (or current partner)?

Don't flat out blame the guy, either, no matter how long you've been together.So, if the timing isn't right (for instance, if you're just too young to be having sex, or one of you is cheating, or one or both of you has an STI / STD, etc.), then it's best to abstain from sex, period.If you're not in a committed relationship, I suggest you abstain from sex, as well.I realize some couples stay together for years before something like this happens (if at all), and the woman is faithful, yet she still winds up with an STI / STD, so logically, she assumes she got it from her current partner.That said, you should still devise a tactful approach; granted, you should let him know you didn't cheat on him, but also hold back the desire to rip him to shreds, and be prepared to be accused of passing it on to him, even if you're absolutely positive you're the innocent party.

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