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" "As I'm sure you've heard a thousand times: I've never done anything like this before. And yet it feels so mature and wonderful to hone in on what's most important to me / for me / about me.It's already affecting my life in positive ways." "I have a slight bounce in my step on this rainy day knowing that I have done something to further the chances of a future relationship.You give us all the information we need, but never try (like other services) to fit us into neat little boxes and control our profiles as we communicate with others. " "Dear Rodelinde, Whenever I call you, it feels like I'm speaking with an old friend." "Thank you for making it possible for those of us with deeply held values to locate the germs of wheat amongst all of the chaff." "Your service is the only site I've seen that puts substance ahead of the superficial and opens the door to meeting people with common political views." "When we met through Concerned Singles, Lance lived in eastern Oregon and Jennifer lived seven hours distant in central Washington.It only took us a couple of months to decide that being together was more important than which end we lived at."Here's a little-known fact: One out of every two people is a guy!" says an exasperated 32-year-old Newark, New Jersey, panelist for, a Web site that aims to bridge the communication gulf between the sexes. Acting classes are filled with gorgeous nymphets and men who make great shopping buddies.You don't have to exhibit any particular knowledge of cars, says a frequent visitor to such shows. ' As long as you're talking, that's good enough," he says. There are now millions of nice, normal guys a mere click away."It's becoming one of the best ways to meet people, as it allows you to sift through large numbers of people while sitting in your own home," says author Atwood.

I have tried the big corporate dating services and have met only with frustration." "Far more interesting and intelligent people sign up for Concerned Singles than for the other online dating sites." "I really appreciate your service and the way you do things.

Both of us were a bit cynical about finding love on the internet, and each of us had tried other sites.

Yours is clearly a gem and very different from the others and certainly was the right one for us.

And we look forward to hearing of your own journey being a member of Concerned Singles.

"My only regret is that I didn't sign up for Concerned Singles earlier!

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