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eventually he will shut down that site you got be smart enough not to stay there , have a fucking life,do something more creating with your life instead spending hours and hours worth nothing meeting people on line that you are more likely not to ever meet.

Bear411 became a nightmare when I was trying to change my location from NYC to Porto, Portugal.

He's known to stalk around the web and if he finds someone taking issue with them, remove your profile.

It really is sad because it was the first real presence on the web for bearish guys.

I just got a new email today said i had 5 messenger still can't check them[quote]I been tried to get on bear411 for a monthly but it will not let me on there the sent me two email said i had 40 message that i need two check them but i can't not sign on why is that.I just got a new email today said i had 5 messenger still can't check them Come on, now. I've had similar issues with both bear411 and gayroughnecks...emails saying i've got messages long after I asked to have my account deleted.I did some research on the domains and found out that the domain owner had had tons of complaints against him but the gov't has no recourse since their servers are located off-shore. They don't delete your account so their membership shows higher than it is.Oh, one thing I've also always liked about Bear411 is that it isn't necessarily site aimed for guys hooking up.You have those of course, but there are some incredibly nice, genuine people there.

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