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The Shanti-seena posted one person outside the store and monitored the numbers.

Another local businessperson recommended that colleagues "utilize the Rainbow security force, the Shanti-seena.

Not even a scrap of paper." (Niman 1997, p.172) Refuse from the gathering was carefully collected at several stations, separate containers being used for compostable garbage (which was later buried), recyclable metal, glass, and burnables.

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After the 1984 North American Gathering the local press reported Rainbows were removing trash dating back to the 1950s.

One Rainbow sister stayed after the Gathering, having landed a job as waitress there.

(Niman 1997, p.176) At the 1984 Gathering (CA), Rainbows gave form letters to the department of social services, directing any Family members who might wander that way over to the Gathering, where they would receive food and shelter.

Please contribute additional cited material, and support methodic Rainbow Gathering impact studies on local towns.

One storeowner (Viburnum, MO) told the newspaper that he logged ,000 to ,000 in additional sales during the one month the Rainbow People were in camp.

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