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Despite the humour in that, it’s actually a more suitable trope than I’d originally thought.Parry Romberg Syndrome has a higher prevalence in females and typically appears between 5 – 15 years of age. I constantly ask myself the question “Am I just being vain?What strikes me now is that although at the time I knew the benefits of using donated skin on live patients as topical grafts of for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, I never knew it could be The staples, the stitches, the pieces of the deceased attached to the body of a young woman of course puts me in mind of ‘The Bride’, made for Dr Frankenstein’s Monster, particularly the version from the 1935 film, below .I often jokingly call myself The Bride of Frankenstein.I’m lucky for the life I have and what my surgeon has achieved so far – there are many people out there with far more serious PRS symptoms than mine, and of course many others with life-threatening conditions.It’s time for me to move on and help others with the same issue who need advice so anyone who needs to feel free to contact me via this blog until I get something permanent set up.

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– and then injected into my face to correct the asymmetry.

” and it’s actually happened, I’m not making that up. ) Then every now and again I might post a selfie on social media because I caught myself at just the right angle; because for one day out of so many others I don’t hate my face and myself and I feel like sharing that happiness with the world and showing others with PRS that don’t have to hide either. But then I’ll have someone post that I’m attention seeking or vain….

But I realised it’s not about vanity, it’s about familiarity.

The last time I wrote about the surgery I underwent for my Parry Romberg Syndrome I’d just undergone my 6th or 7th procedure – I’ve lost count!

Although it was uncomfortable as usual, it was fairly routine.

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