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Changing background color in the Inbox in Outlook 2003Hello, can you change the background color of the Inbox from white to say light blue? In one occasion, I timed Outlook to see how long it took to open and it took over 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

"Mc Graw" can't seem to find where that feature is in Exchange ... I'd like to build a slide where the video feed from the camera shows up live in the slide. The easiest, and only add-in solution I am familiar with, is the Play For Certain add-in ( Slow Outlook on Exchange 2000Hi Everyone, I'm running an Exchange 2000 server for a few months now, and lately Outlook has been dragging when opening up to an exchange mailbox.

Thank you very much, Antoine Venrooij --------- Public Sub Add Notify(By Val l Templ Nmbr) ' Dim var Month As Variant Dim str Notify As String ' ' Error handling.

' On Error Go To Add Notify_Error Handler ' var Month = Array("", "January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December") str Notify = "This is the disclaimer text that will be inserted on all three Masters." str Notify = str Notify & var Month(Format(Date, "mm")) & " " & Format(Date, "yyyy") & vb Cr Lf str Notify = str Notify & Chr(169) & " " & Format(Date, "yyyy") & " " & avnt Templates ACArray(l Templ Nmbr) str Notify = str Notify & ".

The text I use in the shape "Add Notifier#1, 2 and 3" on each master has as date January 2010 in the file. I tried wth schtask and th result is this: It has prevented the user to create new tasks. Security update question for Outlook 2000I recently installed some security updates for Outlook 2000 and now I am unable to receive critical attachments. In news:[email protected], Connie attachments. I placed multiple charts on one sheet by creating one "dummy" chart on the sheet, then created embedded charts on the data sheet and moved them to the chart sheet. Upgrading to OL 2002 from 2000I installed OL2002 on a machine.

Text = str Notify End With End With ' Title Master With . ;-) ============================== PPT Frequently Asked Questions PPTools add-ins for Power Point Hi Steve, Unfortunately the code does not work in PPT2007. I cannot see the add a new task in the schedules task panel. Any suggestions/comments/assistances is much appreciated. Excel 2000 "Dead" Chart Links I've created a workbook which contains data on one sheet, and multiple charts on one chart sheet that should be dynamically linked to the data sheet..aren't.

I made a Powerpoint Add In including a macro which enables you to write e.g. View Type = pp View Handout Master Active Presentation. Is there a way to change this to use the standard as the default?

That date is not updated starting a new file from the template in PPT2007. The VBA code: ---------- Public Sub Add Notify(By Val l Templ Nmbr) ' Dim var Month As Variant Dim str Notify As String ' ' Error handling. Text = str Notify End With End With ' Title Master With . I verified the permisions with cacls and all are rigth. After I'd done that (placing three embedded charts from the data sheet on the chart sheet), I deleted the dummy chart and arranged the other charts the way that I wanted them to display and print. I had my e-mail setup on another machine with OL2K.

I recommend using Bing or Google to find one of these and use it. Lost my colors when going back to Outlook 2000I used Outlook XP for a while and got spoiled in the ability to use colors (labels) for all the calander events. I am now stuck with a number of Outlook Personal folders which appear in my "Folders List" and refuse to be deleted or closed. Unfortunately, I need to see the whole speadsheet at one time, hence the 50% or 75%. When I upgraded to Outlook 2003 it took the old settings and archives to a file with a different extension just fine, it just won't let me use the same file for new stuff. Hi, We have a SBS 2000 server, now after we restart the server.

Hi Ian, There are many video converters available on-line for free or for free trial. Access 2003 can use databases in Access 2000 file format natively. However I faced some problems when converting my PST files from the old format (97-2002) to the new format of OL2003. There's a registry tweak that allows you to stop font substitution when the zoom factor gets under 60% (at least that's what the knowledge base article says). I get this when trying to set the default file for all folders or when trying to set the file for a specific folder.

I verified in the global settings for "Online service settings" that the option "Enter electronic payments in the register with the processing date" is unchecked. Changing default file format in 2007 Beta 2In Excel 2007 the default file format is the new

Thank you Jen On Wed, -0500, "Jen" The only way to accomplish that would be to change your color settings i... I recently upgraded to 2007, and noticed that all of my on-line bill payments are showing the date as the "Processing Date". I did the same for other machines but this did not work....

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