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If the respondent violates a valid Order of Protection, the local police should be contacted immediately. The Du Page County State's Attorney's Office Victim Services Unit may provide assistance to victims of domestic crime seeking orders of protection.

The State's Attorney's Office has the legal authority to assist a victim of a domestic abuse if there is a pending criminal case against the abuser in Du Page County.

This act recognizes that victims of domestic violence have suffered from a lack of both civil and criminal resources.

The Domestic Violence Act offers new civil and criminal remedies to victims of domestic battery. How has the Du Page County State's Attorney's Office addressed the problem of domestic violence?

The Domestic Violence Act offers Orders of Protection to protect victims of abuse.

An order of protection is a civil court order that provides protection for victims of domestic abuse.

The Assistant State's Attorney's assigned to the order of protection court call work closely with the Victim Services Unit to ensure that the victim's needs are adequately meet.

The Victim Services Unit can be reached by calling 630-407-8010 between 8 a.m. How else does the Domestic Violence Act help protect victims?

The Domestic Violence Act offers protection to victims abused by a family or household member.The State's Attorney's Office has organized many specialized units to prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence.The Domestic Violence/Child Abuse Unit, Seniors Services Unit, Victim Services Unit, and the Children's Advocacy Center all work hand in hand to put and end to domestic violence.A violation of an order of protection can constitute a criminal misdemeanor offense.The decision to make an arrest based on an alleged violation of an order of protection lies with the police department.

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