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Upon completing her BSc in 1995, she took a gap year to get more experience in sex research and to have some travel adventures. Nicole started in the lab last year as a volunteer and is looking forward to doing more hands-on research as a directed lab student this year.

Meredith then left Canada in 1997 to study clinical psychology at Northwestern University, receiving her Ph D in 2003. Candidate (Clinical Psychology) Amanda is a fifth-year Ph. After graduating Nicole hopes to pursue a career that incorporates psychology and law and is excited to continue learning from all the incredible research being done by the people in the Sage Lab.

Shira is excited about pursuing her enthusiasm for sexuality research and looks forward to joining and learning from the Sage Lab team this year!

Shira's CV Serenna Silva Volunteer Serenna is a second year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Health studies.

She is hoping to pursue future development in sex education moving forward.

She is excited to work with other Sage Lab members.

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Off campus, Meredith can be found in the saddle, geocaching in Kingston’s many conservation areas, or conducting (delicious) experiments in her kitchen. In addition, she worked as a psychometrist for various private clinics.

Shiny's CV Shira Iny Volunteer Shira is a third year undergraduate student studying life sciences with a minor in music.

After a brief introduction to sexuality and its current research through both science-based and psychology-based courses, she has taken a keen interest in the subject.

In her spare time, Adira likes to travel, bake, and take long walks with her trusty Sheepadoodle, Pepper.

Adira's CV Shiny Li Volunteer Shiny is a third year international Concurrent Education (Primary/Junior) student working on a major in Gender Studies and a minor in Psychology.

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