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Trăsăturile fizice "pe alese" sunt completate de 18 tipuri de personalitate: senzuală, jucăuşă, ruşinoasă, vorbăreaţă, în funcţie de cerere.Harmony se poate conecta la telefonul mobil sau la tabletă, printr-o aplicaţie care permite utilizatorului să-i construiască personalitatea pas cu pas, în funcţie de dispoziţie. "În prezent, trupul sexbotului este inanimat, însă inginerii lucrează la mobilitatea acestuia, luând în calcul dotarea cu senzori tactili şi de căldură.Harmony este disponibilă în nu mai puţin de 16 variante. În plus, sânii sexbotului sunt disponibili în toate formele şi măsurile, de la A la triplu F, şi sunt prevăzuţi cu 19 modele de sfârcuri, de la “obraznice” la “moi”.

The event was noted by many print and TV news programs covering CES, and was written up by scores of online news outlets.CES Says You Can Huffington Post Steve Rosenbaum Founder and CEO, 1/10/10 2010: Last Gadget Standing BBC Rory Cellan-Jones 1/11/10 2010 Product Overview: Prices Down, Thin Is In, Power of Touch Technorati Author: Leslie Grandy 1/10/10 Laser projector, Boxee Box web TV box win CES gadget awards News From correspondents in Las Vegas From: AFP 1/11/10 Box-web-tv-box-win-ces-gadget-awards/story-e6frfro0-1225817940987 Geeks unite!Daily Telegraph From: The Daily Telegraph 1/07/10 Tegra talked out of CES finals TG Daily Sylvie Barak in Las Vegas 1/11/10 Boxee Box has people excited Calgary Herald By Melissa Arseniuk, For Can West News 1/11/10 people excited/2427439/CES: Why I’m a 3D skeptic, and other notes from big tech summit Tech Flash Todd Bishop 1/11/10 Last Gadget Standing by Amy Zunk 1/10/10 International CES Show Day # 3 (January 9, 2010) Robot Reviews Submitted by fraggboy 1/10/10 Icrontic at CES 2010: Last Gadget Standing Icrontic Brian Ambrozy 10/5/09 &Tag=Mobile Apps Pocket-sized projector that screens your photos on to any surface, wins techie ‘Oscar’ (but no prizes for the world’s first sexbot) Daily Mail By Daily Mail Reporter 1/11/10 Apps Showdown Results Sprint Users By: Matthew Pankey 1/09/10 The geek shall inherit the Earth Times Live Steven van Hemert from the Consumer Electronics Show 1/11/10 Your Dream Date at CES Technology Guide What Not to Miss at This Year’s CES BY: Jamison Cush 1/04/10 Like Mobile Apps Showdown, Last Gadget is an online and live competition, but unlike Mobile Apps, it pits gadgets against each other instead of battling apps.See what the press had to say about the Last Gadget Standing competition in this news roundup.

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