Updating your hairstyle

Morning tantrums will be a thing of the past — we promise.

One of the most important steps in your closet revamp is doing a major edit of your wardrobe.

This is also a good opportunity to do another cull if you notice that you have an overwhelming number of one type of item (no one As we’ve learned, a full closet doesn’t mean anything if you can’t make it work. Taking into consideration how you spend your time will help point out which areas of your closet need serious bulking up.

This is most obvious when you’re staring into a closet full of shimmery, sequined skirts and flowy bohemian dresses and need to put together an office-appropriate outfit. By now, you probably know your closet inside out — not just what might be missing, but what you love wearing and what looks good on you.

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If you have a great attitude and are absolutely committed to over-the-top customer service (like we are),please send resume to [email protected]’d love to meet you.To avoid falling into the same shopping traps that resulted in a messy closet, you need to put together a purchasing plan of action. Then try to imagine what your ideal wardrobe looks like and use this concept as a point of reference when you shop.Your ideal wardrobe should be based around a sort of unique uniform, a look that is distinctly YOU and represents your sense of style.We work by “Appointment Only” but you may call/text/ichat/email for same day appointments if available. Ever have those days when you seriously hate everything in your wardrobe? But if your closet is practically bursting at the seams and you’re still fighting back the urge to head out the door in your underwear, it’s time for a closet revamp.

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