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Then the crew chats with Hope Hicks (Cecily Strong), who likens the White House staff to “a group of strangers working together to push a beached whale back into the sea.” Against all odds, Louis Farrakhan (Chris Redd) comes on to share his gripes about the FBI, and then Trump himself (Alec Baldwin) calls in to get some praise for his State of the Union address.While this open certainly seems accurate, and there are some inspired connections (e.g., the link between Republicans’ gripes and Farrakhan’s), there’s not a lot of bite to it., Eleven (Portman) and Mike (Day) go to a warehouse and meet others who have supernatural abilities.Of course, Eleven is a telekinetic whose nose bleeds when she uses her power.Just as with the setup of the original “Natalie Rap,” an interviewer (Bennett) asks questions of Portman until she launches into a fierce, foul-mouthed verse.Portman insists that things are different than they were 12 years ago, because she’s mature, married, and has a kid now.If only they could un-pants him on national TV and put some kind of second face on his butt cheeks!

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They’re charmed by her short program until she tries a joke her 6-year-old made up.“Heads up,” Rex tells her, “My butt is my face and my face is my butt.” Then the scaly blue alien flips over, cheeks jiggling as they ask to be spooned and pour a gin and tonic all over their newly revealed face.The captain is sympathetic, but a little turned off. The premise is fun, but there’s something about watching Bennett’s butt for half the sketch that doesn’t quite pay off.She wishes she could talk to someone who understood her pain, and suddenly, Jackie Onassis (Portman) arrives to calm her about Donald’s affair with Stormy Daniels.In rapid succession, Hillary Clinton (Mc Kinnon), Martha Washington (Bryant), and Michelle Obama (Jones) also stop by to give advice about making a political marriage work.

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