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With no doubts, she is Katy Tur, the only daughter of journalists Hanna Zoey Tur, an ex-pilot, and Marika Gerrard.

Nevertheless, she was involved with Keith Olbermann for three years.

Caption: Katy Tur with her boyfriend, Keith Olbermann(left) Their relationship became one of the significant advantages to Katy Tur in her career.

It has been implied that Keith’s effort and presence were one of the reasons she landed her first job at NBC New York in 2009.

They’re going to say that everybody in the press is going to be unfair, that Donald Trump is going up against a rigged system.” An American broadcast journalist was working for NBC News, Katy Tur was born on October 26, 1983, in Los Angeles, US.The fact about their age difference didn’t matter to them; though Tur was 26 and Keith 51 when they got married.Katy Tur and Olbermann started dating each other since June 2006, planning to extend their relationship lifelong as a husband-wife relationship someday.They had been loyal to each other since the early days and had started living together as well.They shared their mutual respect and coordination towards each other as they didn’t want to be dragged into any controversial issues.

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