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Invented by Charley Douglass, a sound engineer who helped develop radar systems for the Navy during World War II, the “laff box” made its television debut on “The Hank Mc Cune Show” in 1956.

Douglass, unsatisfied with the “sweetening” process, built a two-and-a-half foot high device that looked like a mix of an organ and a typewriter.

It was a revelatory moment for TV, one that most artists despised.

Douglass’s device was almost immediately controversial. Producers requested Douglass to litter programs with laughs, but Douglass didn’t want the laughs to overpower the work. However, when some artists struck back and asked networks to reign back their use of the laff box, their shows quickly descended into cancelation, as was the case with “The Monkees” and the first sitcom by up-and-coming comedic icon Bill Cosby, “The Bill Cosby Show.” This soon started a war over who controlled the box.

'Chimps offer a really simple way of thinking about how genes might influence intelligence without, in essence, the baggage of these other mechanisms that are confounded with genes in research on human intelligence.'What specific genes underlie the observed individual differences in cognition is not clear, but pursuing this question may lead to candidate genes that changed in human evolution and allowed for the emergence of some human-specific specialisations in cognition.

The Mayfair jeweller also created the wedding bands for Branson’s nephew Ned Rockn Roll when he married Titanic star Kate Winslet in 2012, as well as the diamond and platinum engagement ring for Harry’s cousin, Zara Phillips.

In previews for the new comedy “Mulaney,” the show’s stars, producers, and writers claim the series is a return to tradition for the sitcom format. To compensate, audio engineers stitched together the laughs from a good night with an off one and inadvertently created one of the most significant technical jumps in television history.

Recordings of live comedy simulated the feeling of being in the theater, because of the audience response, but not every audience could be depended on for quality giggles.

Charley, the most conservative of the Douglasses, was rarely their first choice. Sadly that means Davon Fleming from Team Jennifer and Keisha Renee from Team Blake are going home. "The Voice Vegas" team returns to "The Voice" stage to sing Imagine Dragons' hit "It's Time"! Miley Cyrus is doing the happy dance as Carson announces Brooke Simpson has made it to the next round. Adam Cunningham from Team Adam, Noah Mac from Team Jennifer and Red Marlow from Team Blake will perform for a chance to compete in the finale.No wonder there has been an outbreak of lese majeste from Dominic Dromgoole, artistic director at the Globe Theatre, who dismisses such views as ‘absolutely baloney’.‘It’s amazing the people you run into who don’t believe he [Shakespeare] did, including at Buckingham Palace,’ he says.

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